Coupon Policy

  • Coupon/Promo/Discount codes cannot be applied to previously placed orders.
  • Rep/Affiliate Coupon/Promo/Discount codes CANNOT be used in combination  Coupon/Promo/Discount code.
  • Rep/Affiliate Coupon/Promo/Discount codes CAN be used in combination only with another Rep/Affiliate Coupon/Promo/Discount code associated with the same Rep/Affiliate.
  • Rep/Affiliate Coupon/Promo/Discount codes cannot be used in combination with any other Coupon/Promo/Discount code.
  • Coupon/Promo/Discount codes are not transferable or redeemable for cash or credit.
  • Certain products are excluded from Coupon/Promo/Discount codes. See the specific details of the code for excluded products.
  • To apply a Coupon/Promo/Discount code, you must enter it prior to completing the order.

For updates and code releases follow @aclonecalledquest on Instagram. For Rep/Affiliate Coupon/Promo/Discount codes reach out to your favorite Verified Rep/Affiliate on Instagram. If you have a valid code, you can apply it either in at cart or at checkout.


  • In the "APPLY DISCOUNT CODE" box at the bottom of your items list enter your code.


  • In the "ORDER REVIEW" section, click on "Use Coupon Code".
  • Enter your code and select "APPLY."

With either option, if the Coupon/Promo/Discount code you enter is valid, we'll immediately apply the discount to your order total and show you the updated amount.




How do I get a CloneQuest® Coupon/Promo/Discount code?

The easiest way to receive Coupon/Promo/Discount codes is to follow @aclonecalledquest on Instagram or subscribe to the CloneQuest® Newsletter, we'll keep you updated on exclusive codes and sales. We occasionally also post new Coupon/Promo/Discount codes at the top of the shop pages. You can also reach out to your favorite CloneQuest® Verified Rep/Affiliate on Instagram to utilize their CloneQuest® Rep/Affiliate Coupon/Promo/Discount code and help support the #CloneQuest community.

Why isn't my CloneQuest® Coupon/Promo/Discount code working?

Make sure you've entered the code correctly without any typos and that the code has not expired. If the code was entered correctly and is still valid but didn’t apply to your order, items in your bag may be excluded from the offer. Be sure to check the code’s specific terms and conditions for more information.